The main innovative component of the project is the development of a Business Simulation Software (BSS), will be an ICT tool developed by a team composed of IT software developers and teaching staff from the respective partnering institutions that will enhance the innovative and creative capacities of students during their course lectures in subjects in the fields of entrepreneurship and management. The BSS will present an innovative concept in the educational process to current students that will merge the utilization of practical experience and ICT tools, in order to eventually match labor market needs of the business sector. Despite presenting a simulated business environment to students, the BSS will be a learning experience, allowing for students to see, correct, and learn from their mistakes throughout the process.

As part of Component 2, students will be the main participant and key beneficiary of the development and use of the Business Simulation Software, as it is expected that it will increase their practical entrepreneurial skills. Participating teachers and project team members will be actively involved in developing the software, along with other stakeholders (software developers and IT staff from each partnering HEI). Additionally the responsible project team members for developing and using the BSS, will be part of an Intensive Study Programme event, organized with the aim of presenting and discussing the features of the developed IT tool.
Project team members will be responsible for organizing, implementing and coordinating the implementation of the project activities, as well as disseminating project results to other interested parties.