The second innovative component is the International Career Center for Entrepreneurship (ICCE), will provide tailor made workshops to target group members, and a platform to merge and encourage entrepreneurship and innovative efforts for target group members and partnering institutions. Using the existing platform already established among the Consortium members (BEP) and the BSS, ICCE will maximize its outreach and the impact of its activities across all partnering institutions.

International Career Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICCE) – Similarly to the first component of the project (BSS), ICCE has clearly defined goals. Accomplishment of the goals for most of the beneficiaries, i.e. students, is an indicator of the quality of this project’s component. To evaluate the quality of this project component we will use the feedback from the students, as well as the other participants at the ICCE workshops (teaching staff and representatives from the business community), about the impact of ICCE activities on encouragement of the entrepreneurial spirit and the innovative efforts of the students in accordance with the Quality Assurance Plan.

The workshops organized under ICCE will focus on encouraging the concept entrepreneurship and innovation among students of all partner organization. Workshops will focus on real-life scenarios, development of business ideas and entrepreneurial competencies, basic knowledge and shared experience of start-up and operational costs, as well as financial planning, sales techniques and other important aspects. Additionally, workshops will focus on inventions and innovations and how to bring initial ideas and concepts to market. Participation of key-note speakers, which are experts in various business areas is one of the backbones of this output, as well as best practice and knowledge sharing.

The Online Resourse Hub (ORH) represents a crucial part in disseminating key information to all participants in the ICCE workshops, as well as partners and other stakeholders. The resource hub will represent a centralized place for sharing guides (print, video, audio), documentation and tutorials focused on entrepreneurship career advice for students, such as how to conduct interviews with potential employees, how to negotiate salaries and other elements for successfully running a start-up business. The information presented will be prepared in coordination with existing Career Centers, SPIDE partners and the business start-up community.